Sanjog 17th November 2022 Written Update: Rajeshwari accepts Gauri’s conditions

Sanjog 17th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Rajeshwari asking Gauri to give Chanda to them. She declares to adopt the latter, while everyone gets shocked. Amrita becomes emotional and states that she also wanted to keep Chanda along with them. Rajeev denies to accept his mother’s decision and proclaims that his daughter is only Tara. He declares that he won’t accept Chanda while Rajeshwari slaps him hard. All the family members gets stunned seeing it, while Rajeshwari tells that Chanda and Tara both will stay in their house. She reminds Rajeev that Chanda is their blood and stands firm on her decision.

Here, Rajeshwari tells Rajeev that nothing is more important then their name “Kothari” and states that they have recognition only because of their title. She proclaims that it has given them everything and ask him to value it. She faces Gopal and Gauri and ask them to handover Chanda to them. She assures that they will keep both the kids like sisters.

Gauri gets flashes of her plan where she told Gopal to be along with her. She recalls how she was determined to get respect as well as money from the Kotharis. She smirks seeing her plan getting successful, while Gopal denies and says that he can’t let his daughter go away from him. He becomes sad while Amrita tries to make him understand. She states that she can feel his pain and understand his feelings for Chanda.

Elsewhere, Amrita assures Gopal that she will look after Chanda like her own daughter and proclaims that he will always be her father. Rajeshwari faces him and states that they can’t even give a good future for their daughter and tells that she will provide all the facility to Chanda. She ask Gauri and Gopal to think about her offer.

Gauri says that she have few conditions to accept Rajeshwari’s deal. The latter ask about it, while she makes them sit on the dinning table. She takes the seat in front of Rajeshwari while everyone gets stunned seeing her bold move. She starts her conditions and states that she and her family will stay in the same house as Kotharis and no one will ask them to leave from there.

Ahead, Gauri states that no one will treat her or her family as the servant, while Rajeshwari agrees for it. Ranjini starts rebuking the latter while Rajeshwari takes a stand for Gauri and scolds her daughter. Whereas, Gauri proclaims that she wants equal rights for herself in their family while Amrita assures her that no one will mistreat her.

Gauri says that Tara and Chanda should have equal things while Amrita again assures her for it. Rajeshwari says that she will ask her lawyer to make a contract about it and fix the deal with Gauri, while Amrita stops them and ask Gauri not to tell the truth to their kids, as they won’t be able to handle it. The latter agrees for it and makes a deal with Rajeshwari. Whereas, Amrita gets worried for her family.

Later, Amrita tries to mend her relationship with Rajeev while he states that only Tara is his daughter. At that time the latter wakes up and ask him to throw Chanda out of the house. Whereas, Gauri celebrates with her kids and tells Chanda that she have to stay with Kotharis. The latter gets tensed and ask Gopal about it while he explains her that it is for her betterment. Meanwhile, Tara says that Chanda snatched Amrita from her but the latter makes her understand that she will always love Tara and reveals that Chanda will also stay with her from now on, while the latter gets furious and denies to accept it.

The episode ends.


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