Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th September 2022 Written Update: Simar is totally chickened out

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th September 2022 Written Update on

Simar enrages her power to stop Rudra. Rudra says Vivaan is in his edge of his death. Reema says it’s sin to tear up their relationship as she purely loves him. They didn’t do any crime with anyone. They doesn’t deserve this seperation. Rudra says he will not do anything with Vivaan, if Reema permits in this marriage with Rudra. Reema is scared. Simar continuously forbades Reema not to keep her step in his trap. Don’t get into this proposal.

The marriage between Mayakshi and Vivaan. The others are looking excited with their getting into a relationship. The priest chants the mantra of their marriage. They both are asked to exchange their mala. They both do so. Everyone claps in their exchange of mala. Meanwhile Simar screams and starts crying in helplessness. She forbades Reema not to listen Rudra. As Rudra is try to provoke her. Rudra asks”yeh hi tumhare pyar?”. Reema accepts the proposal that she will marry Rudra. Rudra provokes Reema to obtain permission in this marriage. Chaya says this is the right time as there is no moon and starts. This is the exact time for which they waited for years. This is the right time to get married with Reema. Rudra asks Reema to sit infront of haban kunda, but Simar shouts at Reema not to sit there to sacrifice her life.

Badima asks Mayakshi where is Rudra. Mayakshi tells that she doesn’t know. Suddenly Rudra comes and says that he is here. Mayakshi thinks that this not Rudra, it’s an illusion of Rudra. Simar looks totally helpless. She is in the verge of the catastrophe, vehemently prays to matarani to save them. Simar also today is the great test of their devotion. Meanwhile Aarav also prays to God to bless them. He says to looking a trident, that he has got his blessings.

Simar says, ” please Matarani, rokiye is shadiko” . She starts to chant the name of jay ma durga with an pale face. Suddenly Aarav runs to them with a blessed trident. Simar hears the name and voice of Aarav. Rudra says may be he has reached there, but he can’t fulfill his dream. Rudra forbades him to come otherwise it might harm him. Aarav tries to come inside the castle, Rudra asks the door to close. When the door is about to close, Aarav throws the trident to Simar. Simar catches the trident, rub some vermilion on her forehead. She looks awful and this looks resembles with Maa Durga. Rudra and others are taken aback to see that looks. Rudra tries to touch Simar, but he gets a jerk.

Simar forbades Rudra not to force her to do anything extreme. Always the power of God and God will win. He can’t win anyhow.
Rudra says no she can’t stop himself. No one can stop him, even Simar can’t. No powerful power can cease him. When Rudra tries to jump on Simar, Simar gives a jerk with the trident. Rudra gets senseless. After seeing this condition of Rudra, Chhaya tries to jump on her, but she also gets hurt by the power of trident. Aarav screams from outside, asks what’s going on in inside. Rudra gets over from his injury. She threats she will harm Reema, if she will not stop herself. Rudra finally creates a prison around Simar. Chaya looks satisfied. Rudra says this is your actual place.

Simar says if you try to harm my Aarav, I’ll take your life. Chaya says how would you kill who is already dead. Chaya comes outside. Aarav looks confused with the looks of Reema. Chaya confesses her original identity. Chaya tries to put the black magical power on Aarav to kill him. She raises him up, with a stick. Aarav looks scared. Simar starts to cry to matarani for more power.
Episode ends.

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