Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th August 2022 Written Update: Ishita tries to brainwash Reema

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Simar’s worry about the fashion show. Aarav tries to calm her down. He says that he trusts Simar, and no one can be better than her. Ishita and Chitra looks very happy, that they will get another superb chance to embarrass Simar. In the hall Reema trains Simar for ramp walk. Reema, Arav, Vivaan, Shandhya helps Simar to walk in high heels. After many struggle, Simar looks much confident in heel. Chitra and Ishita start conspiring with each other against Simar and Reema’s bonding. Riyansh tries to provoke Chitra and Ishita against Simar. Suddenly Simar loses her balance in heel falls down on the floor. Everyone gets concerned. They all help her to clam down.

Reema plans for Simar’s better performance. Ishita comes to Reema to brainwash her. She tries to convince her that she is wasting her time and effort on a wrong person, instead she should focus on her own career. She continues to about her past glory when she anchored  Ishita shows that Rudra had called her four time because he had a handsome opportunity for her in mumbai.

Next morning, everyone is doing prayer in front of Matarani. Badima and others wish Simar a very good luck. But Reema looks a bit disturbed. Mrs. Kapoor wishes Ishita for her performance. Suddenly, Reema comes along with Simar in the show. Reema says to Ishita that she will never leave her sister Simar alone. Simar and Reema looks confident about their bonding. Ishita leaves them in disgust. Chitra gets tensed about Ishita’s over confidence.

Reema gives Simar informative tips about her performance on stage. Aarav comes and he also supports and encourage to perform her best. Reema asks a staff to bring Simar’s dress. Ishita suddenly appears with a knife in dressing room and Chitra takes it from her, do something suspicious.

Simar gets nervous after the seeing her dress for the first time. Shandhya looks disgusted on Ishita’s choice. Arav and Vivan tries to calm her down. Episode ends with Arav, on his knees, tries to convince Simar, that the grace and legacy she carries, will match anything and everything she wears.

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