Shaadi Mubarak 3rd December 2020 Written Update: KT harms preeti unintentionally

Shaadi Mubarak 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nandini showing her fake sympathy towards preeti and taunts her indirectly that she always gets her leftovers while KT sees the necklace and thinks that he didn’t noticed what he was gifting Preeti, he ask Nandini to stop and wrap his arm around preeti’s shoulder warns Nandini saying that she can’t talk to his wife like this while Preeti looks at him. He gets close to her and tunes her towards himself, he caresses the necklace saying that finally he and his necklace reaches the correct place while Nandini keeps looking at him, he smiles and ask for privacy from Nandini for himself and Preeti and reminds her about the payment check.

As Nandini left, KT moves back from preeti asking sorry for his behaviour, he guy ask her to remove the necklace as she doesn’t have to carry his burden, while she denies saying it’s okay if Nandini have worn it as she doesn’t have any problem but KT remembers Nandini’s words and snatched the necklace furiously from preeti’s neck and throws it to the dustbin shocking her to the core, her neck and kT’s hand starts bleeding, Preeti gets panick seeing his wound and takes his hand calling sheena to bring first aid kit while KT addresses her as Nandini to which she corrects him that she is preeti and not Nandini, he looks and her and leaves while she gets teary eyes ( thodi jaga dede mujhe plays).

On the other side Nandini smirks and says that she will keep on adding spice in KT’s life as she knows he will get badly affected by her moves, she says that her interference will keep KT remembering her and avoiding Preeti. She further calls in bank and demands to withdraw all her money while they warns her saying that he balance is too low.

Priyanka orders something from the waiter while waiting for Amit, but amit comes and starts pointing finger on Priyanka’s character again saying that she was flirting with the waiter while nearby people gasp hearing his alligations. Priyanka tries to explain him but he again brings Tarun’s topic saying he can’t bear his wife having affairs, he shouts at her while Priyanka gets angry and throws a cup of tea on him.

KT gets on his bed and gets furious seeing a hairclip on his mattress, he calls for the servant and shouts at him for not cleaning the room properly, he ask who’s this clip is? Neel replied that it’s of his wife Preeti while KT looks at him, shivraj laughs saying it’s okay to forget about marriage cause sometimes he also does it while everyone laughs, he further question that where is preeti?

KT remembers that how he left preeti at office only when Nandini messaged him reminding about their happy moments in past, Neelima says that KT just married Preeti for name sake and she really can’t accept this marriage, while shivraj ask KT to go and bring Preeti back, he was about to go when Preeti returned with bandage on her head, KT gets shocked and ask about it while Nandini comes from back and replies that preeti had an accident, she remembers how she poured oil on Preeti’s way to get a way to enter Keertan’s house,

Nandini moves inside and reminds everyone about how they used to spend time together when she was there, KT was about to move towards preeti when Nandini stops him and says that he always used to accompany her wherever she goes then why she doesn’t do it with Preeti as she is his wife now! All looks on not knowing what to say or do? Nandini says that KT should atleast respect Preeti even if he married her due to revenge while Preeti wipes her tears, Kt ask her to stop and declares that he loves Preeti and goes from there.

Servants came to Kusum’s house to thank her for sending such expensive gifts while Juhi and kusum gets shocked seeing them with the gift which they have given to KT’s family, as the servants left Juhi gets angry while kusum says this is all done by Neelima and warns Juhi to not say a word to anyone. Priyanka hears them and cries saying that her mother will get shattered knowing about Amit.

Nandini fakes her sympathy towards preeti while shivraj shouts at her to stop, Nandini looks at everyone asking them to take care of Preeti and assures Preeti that she can ask for anything from her taunting her indirectly, she bids bye to all and left from there. Neelima comes forward and blames preeti for ruining KT’s peaceful life for her greedy needs and says that she can never get him love, she goes from there while there word keeps ringing in her ears.

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