Sirf Tum 1st June 2022 Written Update: Mamta asks Ranveer to bring back Suhani

Sirf Tum 1st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer going to Suhani. Suhani is locked inside a big jar and water is filling it up. He gets shocked seeing her there and asks what kind of madness is this. Dadi requests Ranveer to save Suhani. Suhani says she was right and Ranveer finally came to her within 24 hours and now he has to reveal the reason why he broke the engagement and can’t accept her. Else she will die inside the jar. Ranveer says she should not be adamant. He tries to figure out where’s the door but Suhani says it will be opened if she wants that otherwise not.

Ranveer tries to stop the water from flowing but she says she will slit her wrist if he tries to stop the water. He feels helpless. Rakesh asks Suhani to stop all this. Suhani says though they are all upset because of her but she has no choice, she loves Ranveer and she knows Ranveer also loves her then why he can’t marry her. She can’t imagine to live a life without him so she will prefer to die. Ranveer keeps hand on the jar wall and she keeps hand on his hand from inside. Ranveer says if she loved him truly then she will come out. She says he should also understand her situation.

Ishan brings a cutter and Suhani warns everyone to not go against her will and do anything to get her out else they will witness her death. She says Ranveer has only three hours left and he has to tell her the truth. Ranveer leaves upset and tells her family to take care of her until he returns back. Aarav and Simar notice Ranveer is walking on street. Aarav says maybe he came to meet Suhani.

Ranveer meets Vikrant at home and the latter says he knows how Suhani blackmailed Ranveer emotionally sometimes ago. Vikrant says but Ranveer should not listen to that middle class girl but he should worry for her mother. Ranveer says Vikrant blackmailed him not Suhani. He decides to tell the truth to Mamta that how her husband told him to break the engagement with Suhani and said he will divorce Mamta if Ranveer refuses to obey him.

Vikrant says Ranveer should think twice, now it’s upto him he wants to choose his mother over Suhani or not. Mamta will be very upset. Mamta overhears everything and gets shocked. Aarav and his family enter Simar’s house and they get happy to see the nameplate which has been made for all the members of Oswalls.

Badi Ma performs aarti before entering and later Aditi serves tea to everyone. Simar’s father tells Simar’s in laws to stay in the bed rooms and they will adjust in the hall. Aditi also says they will manage but Aarav and his brother say that they can’t stay in room when the elders will be sleeping in hall. Aarav asks Simar whether she gave the medicine to Badi Ma. Simar says she forgot to bring the medicines and they both leave to take it back.

Ranveer sits devastated and recalls Vikrant’s words. Mamta comes to him and says how can he hide such a big thing from his mother. She says what is Suhani’s fault that she will suffer? She wipes her sindoor saying she doesn’t want to stay in a marriage where there’s lots of uncertainty and her own husband threatens to leave her and blackmails his son.

Mamta suggests Ranveer to bring back Suhani as she is the best life partner for Ranveer. He should tell her the truth and should accept her. Ranveer gets happy to hear that and Mamta says his happiness means everything to her. Simar says Mamta is right and Ranveer should take back Suhani from her house.

Episode ends

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