Spy Bahu 11th May 2022 Written Update: Sejal leaves her house.

Spy Bahu 11th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sejal getting emotional thinking about the love Minal and Saras gave her. Sejal takes their blessing without their knowledge while they are asleep. Sejal cuddles Bamba and remembers her moments with him. Sejal comes to Dargah with a chadar for her brother Farid and recall their childhood moments. Sejal recalls Yohan talking on the phone and tells Yohan is the reason her brother died with the tag of a terrorist when he could have led a normal life. Sejal burns Yohan’s picture and promises to complete her mission and get Yohan punished so that he can no longer harm any innocent person again. Sejal tells Yohan now she will complete her mission no matter if she has to die or kill for it.

Minal wakes up and finds the pillow is wet and understand Sejal was crying. Minal finds Sejal’s letter asking for forgiveness. SK gives Sejal a gun and tells her to vent her anger out her by shooting on a picture of Yohan. Tanhaji tells Sejal once she vents out her anger only after that we can plan further. Sejal points the gun at SK and Tanhaji and tells Farid was her brother and tells Tanhaji to give his car keys and leave her way. Sejal tells her anger would end only when she punishes Yohan and the plan is clear for her. Sejal locks Tanhaji and SK inside the room and leaves with the gun.

Alisha tells Yohan he has not apologised to Vyom yet. Yohan tells he won’t apologise as Vyom deserved whatever happened with him. Alishe tells she would slap Drishti and make the matter equal. Yohan tells Alisha what is this madness? Alisha tells you would fight for you assistant but can’t even say sorry for me? Yohan calls Alisha Sejal by mistake. Alisha gets mad and creates a scene at the party. Veera tries to calm Alisha. Shalini tells Sejal was Yohan’s personal assistant so maybe by mistake he called her name. Alisha tells can you fall asleep without her or do you like to sleep with Sejal. Yohan tells Alisha to shut up as she has said enough. Drishti tells Alisha to understand there is nothing between Yohan and Sejal. Arun tells Yohan to stop or Drishti would loose her home. Yohan apologises to Alisha and tells her to end the topic here and lets enjoy our sangeet ceremony. Everyone enjoys dancing on Nacho re.

Shail tells Shalini our plans arrangement has been made. Shalini tells now it would be even easier for us to put the blame on Yohan. Minister announces a special performance and a Sejal in mask perfroms on Aaj Ki Raat hona hai kya. Sejal points her gun at Yohan and tries shooting him but someone keeps coming in between. Shail tells he is taking Yohan for his bachelor party. Krish tells Veera that it’s a men only party. Shalini thinks today Yohan’s marriage would break and it would be time for her to swim in happiness. The episode ends with Sejal thinking she won’t let Yohan out of her sight today and she will decide whether be lives or dies.

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