Swaran Ghar 14th September 2022 Written Update: Ajit rejects the proposal

Swaran Ghar 14th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Swaran asks Ajit to not say anything more as it’s not right age to discuss all these. Ajit says that one may need companion at any stage of life. Arjun’s aunt asks Arjun if he likes Swaran. Arjun asks her how she got to know about his feelings for Swaran. She says that she knows Arjun since childhood and she has seen love for Swaran in Arjun’s eyes. She calls Goldie and Swaran a perfect match. Swaran asks Ajit to stop. She says that their friendship is alive even after facing many ups and downs. She asks Ajit to be happy with their friendship and to not hope for anything more.

Arjun’s aunt spots Swaran and Ajit together. She tells Arjun that she feels Ajit has feelings for Swaran and he wants to be with her. Arjun doesn’t believe that. He says that Swaran and Ajit are childhood friends and gone are those days when people use to say that a girl and a boy can never be friends. At Swaran Ghar, Nakul, Vikram, Kiran and Nimmo get ready to attend a wedding at Gurudwar. Nimmo informs them that the bride and groom are aged persons. At Gurudwar she, Kiran and Vikram make fun of the couple for marrying at this age.

Sharvari takes stand for the couple and says that there is no right age for getting married, one can marry to get a companion and not to raise kids. She mocks them back for cheating Swaran. Swaran says Ajit that she only cares about the present not past. She asks Ajit to forget all these and move on otherwise she may start hating him. Swaran tries to leave but Ajit holds her hand. Ajit says that he believes no matter what Swaran can never hate him. Arjun spots them together. He comes there. Swaran and Ajit get shocked.

Arjun asks them to come inside. Arjun asks Ajit to become his partner and convert his dhaba into a resort. Ajit says that he doesn’t understand buisness. Arjun asks Swaran to convince Ajit. Swaran says that Ajit should do what his mind and heart will ask him to do. Ajit says that this offer is beyond his limits. Arjun says that one should try to rise above his own limits. Ajit recalls the efforts he made for confessing his feelings to Swaran.
He says that he tried to do that earlier but failed miserably. Ajit rejects the buisness proposal. Swaran leaves.

Arjun asks Ajit if everything is fine between him and Swaran as Swaran looks upset with Ajit. Ajit says that everything is fine. Arjun says that this project was his dream for Ajit which Ajit just broke. He asks if Swaran has broken Ajit’s dream. Ajit gets speechless. Arjun asks if Ajit and Swaran never fell in love with each other. Ajit becomes silent. Arjun asks Ajit why he has become silent all of a sudden. Ajit says that there is nothing like that, he and Swaran are childhood friends only, nothing more. Arjun smiles and leaves. The episode ends.

Precap – Ajit and Arjun get drunk by the water body. Arjun tells Ajit what love means for him. Ajit asks Arjun to tell the name of the person whom Arjun loves. Swaran comes there. Arjun spells ‘S’.

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