Swaran Ghar 9th November 2022 Written Update: Chandni teaches Saroj a lesson

Swaran Ghar 9th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Swaran cries holding Ajit. Ajit’s body starts responding. Swaran cries and asks him to say something. She tells Jai that she is responsible for Ajit’s condition. Swaran says him sorry. Jai says that Swaran is saying this because of the letter which he wrote under Balli’s influence to save Ajit. Jai says that Ajit will never forgive him for what he deed. Swaran asks him to not think like that as he did the right thing only and she is proud of him. She calls him a big heart for bringing her there. Saroj enquires about Swaran as she has not come with money yet.

Chandni gives the money to Saroj. Saroj leaves. Chandni asks Yug and Bebe to come and see some dramma. She calls someone and gives details of Saroj. Some transgenders stop Saroj and demands for money. Chandni goes there and collides with Saroj. They money falls on ground. The transgenders pick them. Chandni starts laughing. Saroj criticizes her. Chandni says that she is only following Balli’s induction as he asks her to smile always. Yug, Bebe observe the scene and get impressed with Chandni. Saroj leaves.

The transgenders return the money to Chandni. Chandni gives them their share and asks them to pray for her and Swaran’s family. Chandni gives the money to Bebe. Bebe praises her and gives her blessings. Jai informs Swaran that Ajit’s body responded seeing her. Doctor comes there. He recalls his encounter with Chandni and questions Swaran. Swaran becomes clueless and questions Jai. Jai asks doctor to check Ajit. Doctor checks Ajit and says that his mind is active so he can listen to and understands anything and everything. Doctor leaves.

Swaran says that she has to go to hospital to sign papers so that Balli go for the surgery. Jai tells Swaran everything about Chandni. Chandni by mistake spells her name infront of Kiran. Yug somehow manages the situation. Swaran gets speechless after learning about Chandni. Jai calls her God’s sent. Swaran says that Balli can easily catch Chandni and it can be dangerous for her. Chandni eats in tension. Yug asks her not worry as he is there to manage everything. Saroj sees Chandni and criticizes her for having food when Balli is in the operation theatre. She snatches the food from Chandni’s hand.

Chandni becomes aggressive but she controls herself and starts her melodrama. She hugs Saroj tightly and cries. Saroj leaves. Jai asks Swaran to not worry for Chandni as none can catch her and she can teach good lesson to Balli and Saroj. Yug tells Chandni that they have to bring Swaran there for Nakul. Chandni says that she only wants to teach lesson to Balli and Saroj. Neelima learns from Bebe that there is someone else at Swaran’s place. Saroj talks to register over phone. She asks register to come to hospital and take Swaran’s finger prints.

Neelima, Bebe hear that. Swaran takes care of Ajit and tells Jai his deeds. Bebe, Neelima tell Yug, Chandni about the telephonic conversation. They start worrying and plans to bring Swaran to handle the crisis. Chandni runs away. Swaran, Jai drinks tea while making sound like Ajit. Ajit responds. Swaran calls Ajit. He opens eyes. Swaran tells him that everything will be fine. Yug calls Swaran and says that Nakul’s surgery is over and asks her to come to hospital. Swaran tells Jai that she will come again and cure Ajit. She believes that Ajit will soon stand on his own feets. The episode ends.

In today’s episode, Yug asks Chandni to go inside and take Swaran’s place. Swaran opens the door and asks him who he is talking to. Yug says that he was talking over phone. Swaran hugs him and enquires about Ajit. Chandni sees Swaran. Balli comes downstairs and asks Swaran what she is doing there. Chandni sees Balli. Swaran gets scared. Yug says that Swaran has come to open gate for him. Swaran nods. Chandni plans to teach lesson to Balli. Balli asks Yug if he is hiding someone and goes to check.

Chandni hides herself before Balli spots her. Balli asks Yug what’s the matter. Yug says that he has come to inform Swaran about his film. Balli believes him and asks him to leave. Yug wishes to talk alone with Swaran. Balli looks at Swaran. Swaran says that she doesn’t want to talk and bids bye to Yug. Balli closes the door and asks Yug to not visit like this. Yug wonders about Chandni’s whereabouts. Swaran talks about Yug’s visit with Bebe. Bebe asks her to not worry and concentrate on Nakul’s surgery.

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