Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th January 2021 Written Update: Kalyani and Shera handovers Asawari to police

Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with masked person about to leave but stops listening bomb activating sound. Shera comes out with Anupriya and tells even we Knows to put bombs, if you move than bomb will explode. Masked person leaves remote, Shera holds them and asks Anupriya to take care of it and he goes inside.

Anupriya questions what kind of person you’re Madhav ji, you tried to kill your own son. Shera switches on lights and Kalyani tells him about bomb and asks him to call Bomb squad team. Shera says police on the way plus we caught the thief and remote is with me so these won’t blast than he diffuses all bombs. Kalyani asks ladies to stay inside and tells to Shera that this Gang leader is Malhar ji father Madhav, i caught him seeing his shawl than they goes out.

Anupriya removes mask from that person and they gets shocked seeing Asawari. Kalyani says you. Asawari says I strucked in jail because of you and Malhar when I gets released from jail, I thought this work is good to get money. Kalyani asks how can she sell their country IDs. Asawari says I want to settle down after selling idols but your Malhar started his enquiry that’s why I tried to kill him using Madhav ji mask. Kalyani says that’s why Moksh thought you were Madhav ji seeing you in mask. Asawari says Malhar got saved and he vanished the Vitthal idol from temple before I tried to steal it but you also did good work, where you get this Imposter? Previously I thought he is Malhar but through my money help I got to know from Malhar friends that he is trying to catch me with Sarkar help.

Shera takes idol from Asawari and tells her that it’s duplicate idol still I don’t want you to hold this idol and bomb is also fake. Anupriya throws remote. Avni says did you saw Aaosaheb how Kalyani cheated her own family. Kalyani says shut up and she asks Asawari to tell whom she bought with her money and asks about Malhar. Asawari smiles and anounces that his men killed Malhar.

Kalyani asks her to tell about Malhar body. Asawari says maybe his body in some river, I want to kill him with my hands but his death happened in my men hands, I didn’t saw his face while dying. Kalyani holds her throat and says her Malhar ji alive. Anupriya and Sheta separates them. Kalyani says noone saw my Malhar ji body do he can be alive Aayi and she takes Diya in her hand and anounces to lit the Diya until her Malhar ji returns to her. Asawari smiles and says Malhar won’t Return. Kalyani asks inspection to arrest Asawari. Police takes Asawari with them. Kalyani goes inside with Diya saying her Malhar ji will return for her.

Kalyani saves Diya and cries seeing Malhar photo. Godavari says Maayi Kalyani must accept truth otherwise she will be in pain. Anupriya says give sometime to Kalyani, she is strong and will face this situation and tonight keep Moksh with you. Godavari agrees. Shera calls someone and tells it’s no use to stay here because I get to know Kalyani won’t love me and one last work left and he goes to Kalyani room and notices Kalyani is sleeping than he applies chloroform to everyone and leaves from home.

Next day Anupriya and Godavari gets shocked seeing cupboards. Tony excitingly opens Shera bag to see the money and jewellery but gets shocked. Anupriya and Godavari sees so much money in their cupboards and thinks how it came. Tony says that Kalyani loves her husband and you gave your money to them. Shera says she loves her husband but I love her and not expecting her love. Tony asks what he gonna do with Kalyani photos. Shera says he will live seeing Kalyani photos because she changed me.

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