Udaariyaan 15th September 2022 Written Update: Fateh learns that Naaz broke Nehmat’s cycle

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The episode starts with Fateh-Tejo and Nehmat being shocked to find Nehmat’s broken cycle. Nehmat gets ready eyes. Naaz comes there. She pretends to be innocent and asks who broke Nehmat’s cycle. She asks Nehmat to take her cycle. Fateh refuses. Fateh-Tejo console Nehmat and assure to fix her cycle. Tejo takes Nehmat and Naaz from there. A man tells Fateh that  a girl with a blue T-shirt broke the cycle. Fateh sees Naaz wearing a blue T-shirt and understands that she did it. At the Sandhus’ house, Shelly is jealous of Naaz having got a costly cycle while her son got a cheap cycle and argues with her husband about the same.

Fateh shares with Tejo that Naaz broke Nehmat’s cycle. He says that they should be more careful with Naaz as she has a lot of complexity in her. Tejo agrees and says that she will talk to Naaz to find out what is running in her mind. Just then, they hear Nehmat calling out to them after returning from school. They decide to hide the truth that Naaz  broke Nehmat’s cycle from Nehmat. 

Nehmat says to Fateh-Tejo that Mallika brought her parents’ wedding album to school and why Mallika wasn’t present on that album. She asks if she will be present on their wedding album. Fateh and Tejo smile at Nehmat’s innocent question. Fateh says that Nehmat wasn’t present on their wedding album since she was born later and it’s the same case for Mallika. Fateh assures her that they will be present at her wedding. Nehmat recalls Ekam fighting with her and refuses to get married, stating that boys are bad, truculent and don’t give respect to girls. She demands to see Fateh and Tejo’s wedding album.

Fateh recalls him marrying Tejo secretly when she was mentally  not stable. He says that they don’t have a wedding album since they married secretly. Nehmat gets angry and complains to Kushbeer. She suggests getting them married again. The family agrees, but Tejo feels reluctant to accept it. Nehmat says that she wants to see their wedding and invites her friends to their wedding. Fateh suggests having a destination wedding. But Tejo refuses. Fateh assures Nehmat that he will convince Tejo and asks Nehmat’s help for that. Nehmat happily agrees. 

Tejo is on call with Satti. She enquires about Naaz. Satti says that Naaz has been disturbed since last night and doubts that Shelly had said something to Naaz. Tejo assures Satti that she will talk to Naaz. She hangs the call. Just then, Nehmat comes running to Tejo’s room pretending to be scared of spiders in her room. She takes Tejo to the room. Tejo wonders why the room is dark. Just then the lights come. Tejo is surprised to see the decorations and the “will you marry me” written inside a big red-colored heart.

Fateh asks Tejo for marriage by getting on his knees. Tejo agrees to marry him again. Nehmat showers flower petals over them. Fateh-Tejo kiss Nehmat’s each cheek. They decide to get married after three days on the day of their wedding anniversary. They hug Nehmat and say” I love you” to each other. Nehmat tells them” I love you” to them. 

Naaz is in her room and crying. She wishes God to get everything that Nehmat has. Meanwhile, Nehmat thanks God for giving her such a nice parents. Fateh-Tejo thank God for giving Nehmat to them. Fateh-Tejo are not able to sleep. They talk about their wedding. Tejo expresses how her wedding should be. Fateh promises to fulfill Tejo’s every wish. Meanwhile, Nehmat tells the family that Tejo agreed to the marriage. Kushbeer gives Nehmat the camera that once Fateh gifted him to click Fateh-Tejo’s wedding photos. Nehmat records her and family members’ video inviting people for Fateh and Tejo’s wedding. Here Fateh and Tejo worry about how to convince their family to adopt Naaz and even Nehmat would feel weird about it. Tejo says that she got a child counselor number to take advice. They decide to talk to the family about it after their wedding. Tejo reminds Fateh that they have to talk to Naaz too. Fateh agrees. 

The next day morning, Nehmat records family members’ video. Finally, she records Fateh and Tejo’s video in which they express their love for each other. Fateh and Tejo take Nehmat to the room to have a talk. Fateh tells Nehmat about their decision to adopt Naaz and to bring her to their house as her real sister. Nehmat asks if they will agree if she refuses. Fateh and Tejo look at each other. 

The episode ends. 

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