December 9, 2019

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Poll Result: These Celebs topped the style icon chart! Check Out

Tanisha Chitransh
Each celeb holds a unique personality. The actors not only entertain us but they also leave a great impact with their styles, fashion, looks and...
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Which Jodi made your heart to skip a beat?

    POLL: Vote for your favorite style icon (Female) Poll: Vote for your favorite style icon (Male)! The poll is starting from today and...
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Poll Results: Check the names of top most favorite off-air shows!

Tanisha Chitransh
Here is a poll result which our team has conducted and asked to ‘Pick your most favorite off-air show among these?” Out of 15 off-air...
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Bepanah Pyaar लिखित अपडेट 21 जून 2019 : प्रगति किसी की छाया देखती है!

TeamTelly Express
आज का एपिसोड रघबीर से शुरू होता है जो प्रगति से पूछता है कि उसने बानी की साड़ी क्यों पहनी है। प्रगति ने कहा कि उसे...
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Bepanah Pyaar 20th June 2019 Written Update : Pragati gets kidnapped!

Tanisha Chitransh
Today’s episode open with Harshit asking Raghbir to stop all the nonsense because Bani is dead. Raghbir shouts at him. Harshit goes away. Raghbir lights...
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Bepanah Pyaar 19th June 2019 Written Update : Raghbir gets excited to celebrate Bani’s birthday!

Tanisha Chitransh
Episode today opens with Raghbir hitting doctor. Harshit yells at him that Bani is dead, Raghbir grabs his collar. Doctor asks Raghbir to calm down....